1. Are all of your puppies healthy ?

We promise to deliver you the best quality and healthy puppies. All of our puppies will be vaccinated and have a proper health inspection prior being sent out to you. The puppies will come with a health care booklet with details on their vaccine dates and record. We also do health warranty on all of our puppies.

2. How long will the delivery take ?

The delivery process usually takes about 10-14 days upon the complete payment. We will send you a tracking number and be with you 24/7 during the whole process.

3. How can I place an order?

You can check out our available puppies to keep an up to date of what puppies we are having at the moment. Click “add to cart” and make a payment to us. We will send you a confirmation email with a confirmation number after the payment. If you want to make any changes, kindly contact us and let us know about your inquiries. Upon your confirmation of the puppy, we will get your puppy vaccinated according to your destination country and send the puppy to you. You will receive a confirmation and tracking number as your puppy is on the airplane travelling to you. Please come to your local airport to pick up your puppy with our receipt and your ID. We currently only offer door-to-door delivery to Canadian customers and some US states (sorry for the inconvenience). For customers in selected area, you will be able to select the option to have your fur baby be picked up by our staff and deliver to your address

Enjoy your new family member <3

4. Can I exchange or return my order ?

Since puppies take a whole complicated shipping process and It is not good for their health to keep travelling long distances back and forth. We are unable to receive any return or exchange. Therefore, we asked you to check carefully before confirming the puppy you want. Please do not hesitate to ask for additional pictures or videos as well as any information during the process. We will gladly help you out and make sure you are happy with your order.

5. How do I know that my puppy will be taken care of during the flight ?

We will make sure that your puppies have health insurance during the flight and be well-taken care of. The puppy will be in the crate with foods and water and stay in the airplane with proper temperature and constant checked on by the airplane staff to make sure they are fine and healthy.

6. I want to order a breed that is not on your list. What should i do ?

We are sorry to inform you that all the puppies available on our website are what we currently have. We do not provide any puppies from random breeders that rather than our verified breeders to ensure our qualities and ethical practices.

7. Do you offer live chat support? What is the quickest way to reach you ?

We are working on live chat support at the moment. Currently the quickest way to reach us is to send us an email with your questions and concerns or through our Instagram and Tiktok. Our email address is supports@petforbest.com. We will be responding to your question within 24 hours or sooner depend on the volume of emails we have. But we promise to do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

8. What is included in your price?

Our price include the cost of puppy adoption, paper work for travelling, all the required vaccinations, crates & foods for travelling and air transportation fees.

9. What are ethical breeders?

Ethical breeders are breeder who get their litter by letting their dogs mate naturally (without forcing them to mate for profit). Those puppies are usually healthier and get to stay with their mom until they are ready to be adopted.

10. Why is your price so high?

Owning a puppy is expensive. Our puppy is purebred coming from award winning parents and full pedigree. Our price also include the transportation fees, adoption fee, crate and necessities, 10% fee to support animal charity and all vaccinations. You do the math :)

“You pay for what you get”. At petsforbest, we highly value the friendship between our puppy and you. We ensure that you have a healthy, happy best friend who will accompany you through your journey!

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